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Save Money

Manage Expenses

Manage Your Costs. Automate Expenses Recording. Make easier the approval process


Increase Your Sales

Create Own Dashboards. Manage Your Leads in CRM. Sync all your Sales Orders and Invoices. Take care of your payments and deliveries


Enjoy Integrated Accounting

Manage your profits. Control Your Accounting. Take care of Finances

Inventory Management

- Get all your inventory in one place. Auto sync of your inventory. Operate Multi Warehouse. Increase inventory turnover


Manage Your HR

- Store Your Employees info. Manage Your human Resources. Take care of Hiring Process. Control Attendances


Professional Charts & Report

Ready Reports. Live Information. Create Your Own Custom Report
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Why companies choose Office Solution?

Why people choose Office Solution

Replace many apps like CRM, Inventory management, HR, Expenses, Accounting into one easy solution.

Integrate with WooCommerce on Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Etsy and add other products.

It's free and you can customize it quickly based on your needs.

Keep your business effectively
with Office Solution

When your business starts to expand and grow, you’ll find that there are a lot of moving parts that aren’t always easy to coordinate. As your business scales, you might find that it makes sense to engage an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application to gain better visibility, which can help in making data-driven decisions.

Increase the monthly income
with Office Solution

Track your business resources. Know your commitments. Analyze consumer behavior. Manage information flow. Maximize your time and therefore make more money!

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